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The research covered the results of the endovascular surgical operations in 81 patients with CHD aged 36-76 with bifurcational stenoses of coronary arteries. The peculiarity of the method was the primary delivery of the guides for balloon catheters behind the stenosis area in the "main" and side branches of the left coronary artery. This was prophylaxis of the side artery occlusion after implantation of the "Cypher select" stent into the "main" branch. During the post-operational period (after 6-8 months) 69 patients have passed the examination including coronaroventriculography. The results of the endovascular surgical treatment were successful, no deaths or myocardial infarctions were registered. According to coronarography data, hemodynamically significant stenosis in the stent lumen was observed in 1,2 % cases.



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