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A multicentered study based on retrospective data covered 2012 patients and aimed at ascertaining the eficiency of various methods of treating patients with coronary restenosis after stenting. The average percent of complications after restenosis was about 20% during the period of study (1 1+4 months). The metaregression data analysis showed the positive correlation between the stage of residual stenosis of the stentet segment and the probability of complications. As the residual stenosis decreased at 1%, the frequency of complications diminished at 0,9%. Another factors under analysis did not show any evident influence, although we have registered a tendency towards better outcomes of the recurring operations as the diameter of the vessel increased. The recurring balloon angioplasty in cases of short restenosis and intracoronar radiation in cases of diffused restenotic lesions have proved to be the most effective operations. The indications for implanting the additional stents must be given very carefully, especially in cases of diabetes.



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