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The article presents analysis of 1500 cases of varicocele endovascular occlusion (EO) in children and adolescents, giving the exhaustive account of varicocele diagnostics and treatment. Standardization of the endovascular procedure was performed, and algorithm proposed for choosing the occlusion technique and embolization agent depending on the lesion anatomy.

The authors specify 5 anatomical varieties of left testicular vein (LTV), each having some particularities in occlusion procedure. For the first time in pediatric practice the Foam-form was used for LTV occlusion against the background of prominent veno-venous reflux, which considered to be one EO contraindications. The causes were specified for false and true varicocele recurrence: the former is shown to occur due to technical imperfections, and the causes of the latter can be LTV lumen recanalization or formation of the bridging collaterals.

EO of LTV is proved to be the effective for recurrent varicocele after conventional surgery in children and adolescents.   



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