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Professor Yuriy Volinskiy

Yuriy Volinskiy, MD, PhD, professor of medicine.
In 1955 professor Volinskiy graduated from I.P. Pavlov Ryazan Medical Institute. Between 1955 and 1958 Yuriy Volynskiy had been working as a surgeon in the district hospital of town Sergach in the Nizhniy Novgorod region.
Since 1958 professor Volynskiy had been working in the A.V. Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery USSR Academy of medical science in the group of heart surgery and cardiopulmonary bypass. At the same time professor Volynskiy was involved in innovative work on the use of information systems in medicine headed by academicians A. Vishnevsky and I. Artobolevsky.

PhD thesis of professor Volinskiy was devoted to the specifics of intracardiac hemodynamics in patients with congenital heart defects (1963). Doctoral thesisis was devoted to the patterns of hemodynamic disorders in patients with heart diseases and constrictive pericarditis (1969).
Since the 1964 professor Volynskiy have been headed the laboratory of contrast and intracardiac diagnostic methods. In 1968 professor Volynskiy organized the laboratory of burn shock and directs it to the 1975. During this time, the laboratory staff conducted a series of innovative studies of hemodynamics and metabolism of burn shock and developed a new methods shock of treatment.
In the 1976 professor Volynskiy at the first time in Russia successfully performed the embolization of bronchial arteries to stop the hemoptysis. This operation initiated the usage of embolisation for the treatment of hemangiomas of the liver, angiodysplasias of pelvic region and extremities.

From the 1995 to 1997.professor Volynskiy had been working as a deputy director for science in the Scientific and Practical Center of interventional cardiology and at the same time as a leading researcher of the Scientific and Practical Center of Medical Radiology, Moscow. At this time he was actively involved in the development and implementation of information systems in clinical medicine, headed the section of Informatization under the Public Expert Council of the Moscow City Duma and revives the interventional radiology section of the Moscow Society of Medical Radiology, which  was created by professor I. Rabkin.
Currently professor Yuriy Volynskiy is the leading researcher of Practical Center for Medical Radiology (Moscow), and concurrently – chief researcher of Scientific and Practical Center for Interventional cardiology.

Professor Yuriy Volyns'kyy is the author of over 400 scientific papers, 5 books and 6 patents. He was the supervisor of 26 PhD and 5 doctoral thesises. Professor Volynskiy is a deputy chief editor of  “Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology” journal, associate editor of the Russian version of the international journal «Stroke» and the Editorial Board member of the “International Journal of interventional cardiology”. (АНГИОЛОГИЯ.ру) - портал о диагностике и лечении заболеваний сосудистой системы