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Literature review is dedicated to the diagnosis of prostate cancer (PCa), namely the use of Fusion-technology, a technique which allows you to combine real-time data of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and transrectal ultrasound (TRUS), as well as to perform biopsy of the prostate, taking into consideration previously detected changes.

Review includes russian-language and foreign articles that discuss not only benefits, but also limit of the use of methods of prostate biopsy in verification of malignant pathology Review is based on data of main online resources: PubMed, Scientific Electronic Library (elibrary), SciVerse (ScienceDirect), Scopus.

During analysis of available literature, authors discuss the problem of prostate cancer diagnostics, difficulties encountered when using of traditional biopsy methods.

Review pays special attention to MRI/TRUS Fusion-navigation in diagnosis of prostate cancer as an alternative to other, more widely used in practice methods as for initial biopsy and for repeated manipulations

Conclusions: A key aspect of the application of MRI/TRUS Fusion-navigation is the ability to perform precisely targeted biopsy of suspicious sites by the presence of malignant changes ir prostate tissue, which increases the accuracy of diagnosis of tumors. Above described method of biopsy is extremely promising as part of specifying diagnostics of localized forms of prostate cancer. Methodics appeared informative in identifying clinically significant prostate cancer and accurate for localization of process, especially in front parts of the prostate, compared with 12 traditional points of biopsy At the same time, this manipulation, compared with traditional biopsy technique, requires advanced equipment and highly skilled personnel. 



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