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It is known that the first transvenous probing of the right atrium of own heart in 1929 was conducted by the German physician W. Forsmann. In 1966, with the help of this technique, the American radiologist WJ. Rashkind first conducted atrioseptostomy of congenital heart disease.

Aim: was to search for priorities of Russian physicians in this field of interventional radiology

Materials and methods: articles of W Forsmann (1929), WJ. Rashkind (1966), two Soviet physicians: the therapist A.I. Yarotsky and surgeon I.P Dmitriev, published respectively in 1925 and 1926, and a number of other sources were studied. Their content-analysis was carried out using methods adopted in historical medical research.

Results: It was determined that in 1925 Soviet therapist A.I. Yarotsky from the Moscow Clinical Institute (now MONIKI) proposed to penetrate in the right atrium through the jugular vein for intracardiac procedures, in particular, to create a hole in the interatrial septum with the help of some instrument. In 1926 this idea in the experiment on animals and on the human corpse was realized by his scholar I.P Dmitriev from the Institute of Operative Surgery of the 1st MSU (now - Sechenov University). At the same time, both authors noted that in the absence of visual methods of monitoring the position of the instrument in right chambers of the heart transthoracic approach is preferable to the endovascular one. In 1929 independently of Soviet physicians W Forsmann from Eberswalde (Germany) developed a technique for probing the right heart, which conceptually repeated the method of Yarotsky-Dmitriev In the practice of children cardiac surgery, the technique was introduced in 1966 by WJ. Rashkind from the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia (USA).

Conclusion: thus A.I. Yarotsky who in 1925 formulated the idea of transvenous approach to the right atrium and I.P Dmitriev who in 1926 realized this idea in an experiment are the pioneers of the concept of catheter atrioseptostomy The lack of methods at their disposal for visual control of procedures inside the heart did not allow authors to introduce the technique into the clinic. 



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