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Aim: was to analyze own experience of differential diagnostics of cardiac tumors by using cardiac CT.

Materials and methods: 354 cardiac CT were made in «Fedorovich Klinikasi» in 2011-2017. The age of patients ranged from 5 month to 69 years (mean 27,2). There were 200(56,5%) men and 154 (43.5%) women. The study was carried out on MDCT scanners Brilliance 64 and Brilliance i-CT 256 (PHILIPS). Iodine containing contrast agent «Unihexol 350» was injected intravenously by means of «Ulrich» automatic injector.

Results: primary benign cardiac masses were detected in 10(2,8%) cases. Most of them were myxomas - 6 cases (60%), located in the left atrial cavity in 2 cases, in the mitral valve region - in 1, in the right atrium - in 2, and in the right ventricle - in 1case. Cardiac lipomas were detected in 2 (20%) patients. Papillary fibroelastoma of the aortic valve (1 case) and rhabdomyoma of the right

ventricle (1 case) also occurred in our study Intracardiac spreading of malignant neoplasms was noted in 5(1,4%) patients. Thrombosis of cardiac chambers was found in 7(2%) patients.

Conclusion: cardiac CT provides useful anatomical and functional information in evaluating cardiac masses, providing an accurate picture of the disease, allowing to assess localization and structure of the tumor, the condition of the tumor-free heart chambers, mediastinum, and lungs.



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