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Introduction: arterial complications after orthotopic liver transplantation are common cause of graft loss (10-40%).

Aim: was to estimate efficiency of endovascular interventions in correction of revealed arterial complications in patients after OLT.

Material and methods: for the period of 2015-2020, arterial complications after 104 OLT were revealed in 24(23%) pts and were divided into 4 groups: «steal»-syndrome (n=8), hepatic artery thrombosis (n=7), combination of hepatic artery stenosis and «steal» syndrome (n=6), hepatic artery stenosis (n=3). Endovascular interventios such as splenic artery embolization, direct thrombolysis, stenting and balloon plastic were performed for correction of these complications.

Results: using of endovascular treatment, we successfully identified and correct complications with saving of the graft in 14 pts (58%), 10 pts died because of biliary necrosis, sepsis and graft loss.

Conclusion: early detection and elimination of emerging arterial complications after OLT play a keyrole in saving of organs and patients’ life.




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