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Aim: was to increase the level of differential diagnosis of thyroid nodules by evaluating their rigidity according to two ultrasound techniques - compressive elastography and shear wave elastography.

Materials and methods: study is based on the result of analysis of complex clinical anc ultrasound diagnostics, performed for the period from 2010 to 2015 , on the base of ultrasound department of «Central Clinical Hospital of Ministry of Internal Affairs» of the RF in Moscow, and Medical Radiological Research Center named after AF Tsyba - FGBU branch of «National Medical Research Radiological Center» MoH Obninsk.

Results: performed shear wave elastography, obtained quantitative data of rigidity of benign nodules and papillary carcinoma. Used methods of nonparametric statistics and ROC-analysis. Statistical processing was performed in SPSS 13.0 program. For benign nodes median of regidity was 15.6; 2,5-97,5 percentiles - 3,6-81,3; for papillary cancer: median 112.92; 2,5-97,5 percentiles - 13,5-196,4. Then followed an orange and yellow-red: blue color was not more than 20%, but mostly he was absent. In case of papillary cancer we observed two-color, three-color, four-color and six-color color, with prevailing of two colors - purple and blue.

Conclusions: both types of elastography - compressive and shear wave elastography - help to improve the differential diagnosis of thyroid cancer. Informativeness of shear wave elastography is higher, in comparison with compressive elastography.



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