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Volume 8 № 3. 2014

Article title Pages
Role of duplex ultrasound in the assessment of early follow-up period outcomes, after endovascular procedures in patients with critical limb ischemia and diabetes melitus 15-28
Experience in application of intraoperative ultrasound in the diagnosis of liver neoplasms 29-37
Diagnostic significance of multidetector computed tomography for estimation of treatment effectiveness of antineoplastic therapy 38-43
The role of multislice computed tomography in planning of transcatheter aortic valve implantation 44-50
Influence of cardiovascular risk factors on the degree of coronary arteries defeat in patients with primary acute coronary syndrome 51-61
Experience of treatment of vasospasm in patients with acute period of subarachnoid 62-65
Two stent technique in left main bifurcation associated with worse outcome at one year 66-74
Endovascular surgery in treatment of acute occlusion of superior mesenteric artery 75-80
About possibilities of increasing the informativeness of beam diagnostics in patients with ischemic heart disease 81-86
Heparin induced thrombocytopenia in cardiac surgery 87-93
Case report: 5-year follow-up patient with skin melanoma' metastatic lesion of liver right lobe after transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) of the liver 94-100
Case report: successful stenting of right ventricular outlet in 6-month age patient with pulmonary artery atresia in combination with interventricular septum defect as a first step of surgical treatment 101-104
Stenting of superficial femoral artery in correction of its side damage 105-108 (АНГИОЛОГИЯ.ру) - портал о диагностике и лечении заболеваний сосудистой системы