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Multidisciplinary scientific journal

"Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology"

– is the regular print publication for clinicians, researchers and health authorities. The Journal publishes original articles on clinical and experimental studies, notes from practice, discussions, literature reviews and information materials on topical issues of diagnostic and interventional radiology on various fields of medicine.

All articles in the journal are subject of mandatory peer review and discussion at the meetings of the editorial board. Starting from 2009 Journal is included in the list of publications recommended by the Highest Attestation Committee for publication of the results of PhD theses.
The "Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology" Journal is the only Russian and CIS multidisciplinary scientific publication that brings together all areas of interventional radiology in all fields of clinical medicine: neurology, cardiology, surgery, oncology, urology, gynecology etc.

Scientific concept of the Journal is aimed to cover the latest research findings in all areas of diagnostic and interventional radiology and the up-to-date results of Russian and international clinical trials.
The main objective of the Journal is to increase the scientific and practical qualification of radiologists in each institution, regardless of its medical area.
The main sections of the Journal are: diagnostic radiology, minimally invasive interventions in neurosurgery, neurology, cardiology, vascular surgery, oncology, abdominal surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, urology and in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. (АНГИОЛОГИЯ.ру) - портал о диагностике и лечении заболеваний сосудистой системы