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Aim: was to study immediate and medium-term results of using of stent Calypso in patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS).

Materials and methods: 274 patients with ACS were included in study and were divided into 2 groups. The first group consisted of 140 patients, who underwent implantation of Calypso (Angioline, Russia). The other group consisted of 134 patients who underwent revascularization with further implantation of Xience (Abbot Vascular, USA). During first 24 hours after admission to the hospital all patients underwent percutaneous coronarography intervention (PCI). Their health state was monitored by phone during the 6, 9-12 months period. The majority of patients underwent coronary angiography during 9-12 months period.

Results: immediate results of the first group: incomplete stent apposition - in 0,6% cases, difficulties of delivery - in 3 cases, artery dissection - 2, occlusion of the side branch - 2 cases, acute thrombosis - 0,6% cases. Immediate results of the second group: incomplete stent apposition - in 0,5% cases, difficulties of delivery - in 2 cases, artery dissection - 2, occlusion of the side branch - 1 case, acute thrombosis - none. Confirmatory angiography in 9-12 months was done in 89 patients from the first group and 94 patients from the second group. The frequency of MACE in first group was 4,3%, in second group was 3,7%.

Conclusions: taking into consideration immediate and medium-term results it can be concludec that domestic stents can be successfully used in different clinical situations in different severity of lesions of coronary arteries. Calypso could be used in urgent PCI and they have minor percentage of complications in medium-term results.



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