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Volume 9 № 1. 2015

Article title Pages
Percutaneous ethanol injection therapy under ultrasound guidance as a treatment of secondary hyperparathyroidism 11-19
Features of ultrasonic semiotics of placentary insufficiency at women after extracorporeal fertilization 20-26
Computed tomography diagnostic criteria of hepatocellular carcinoma with varying degree of differentiation in the liver unaffected by cirrhosis 27-33
Results of open reconstructive operations on previously stented arteries of lower limbs in patients with critical ischemia 34-38
Possibilities of endovascular treatment of atherosclerotic lesions of the abdominal aorta 39-45
Long-term results of stenting in patients with multivessel coronary disease and concomitant diabetes mellitus type II with drug-eluting stents «zotarolimus» 46-52
Experience in application of bivalirudin in patients with acute coronary syndrome with ST-segment elevation 53-58
Transcollateral retrograde recanalization and balloon angioplasty in patients with critical ischemia of shin 59-63
Advantages of transradial approach for uterine artery embolization 64-70
Multislice computed tomography in estimation of coronary vessels’ pathology (literature review) 71-77
Pseudoaneurysm of common hepatic artery: endovascular treatment 78-82
The role of spiral computed tomography in diagnostics of acute rupture of the thoracic aorta and hepatic artery in a patient with severe multiple injuries 83-90
PET/CT WITH 18F-FDG AND 18F-Choline in the diagnosis of hepatocellular cancer mixed with cholangiocellular cancer (case report) 91-99 (АНГИОЛОГИЯ.ру) - портал о диагностике и лечении заболеваний сосудистой системы