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Volume 3 № 1. 2009

Article title Pages
20 years of clinical use of magnetic resonance contrast agents 5-13
Endovascular treatment of hepatic tumors (multicenter experience of south Kazakhstan) 15-19
Results of renal arteries balloon angioplasty and stenting for renovascular hypertension 21-28
Minimally invasive aproaches in traetment of splen diseases in children 29-38
Management of injections of contrast agents during diagnostic and interventional procedures on coronary vessels 41-45
Randomized outcome trials of femoral popliteal arterial reconstructions (Review) 47-54
Percutaneous interventions on the organs of the hepatopancreatobiliary zone and the spleen under ultrasound control 55-77
Surgical methods for the prevention of thrombolytic complications in atrial fibrillation 79-88
Successful treatment of a patient with a late radiation ulcer of the subscapular region and osteomyelitis of the rib after X-ray endovascular intervention on the coronary arteries 91-95
Emergency angioplasty and stenting of autovenous grafts 4 months after coronary artery bypass grafting 97-102
A case of successful removal of the cava filter during proximal migration to the right heart with the development of acute right ventricular failure 103-108
X-ray video densitometry - a method for assessing regional hemodynamics based on serial angiographic images 111-113
Treatment of angiodysplasia of complex anatomical localization. Possibilities of endovascular surgery in pediatrics 113-113
Methods of treatment and prevention of venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism 114-116 (АНГИОЛОГИЯ.ру) - портал о диагностике и лечении заболеваний сосудистой системы