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Volume 11 № 4. 2017

Article title Pages
Comparative evaluation of endothelialization of stents with permanent and biodegradable coatings at an early stage with help of optical coherence tomography 11-15
Information systems and telemedicine: modern possibilities for improving of breast cancer screening 16-24
Dynamics of markers level of endothelial dysfuntion after surgery on the aortoiliac segment 25-33
Options of vessels and hemodynamic distribution of blood flow for the selection of technology for selective intra-arterial chemotherapy (iac) at children with the intraocular retynoblastoma 34-41
Immediate and medium-term results of using of drug-eluting stent calypso in patients with acute coronary syndrome 42-47
Estimation of residual lumen square of coronary artery stenosis, characterizing its hemodynamic significance, with use of balloon catheter and angiography 48-54
Angiosome principle of revascularization: the role in critical limb ischemia, limitations, alternatives (literature review) 55-61
The use of endovascular surgery in full transection of major arteries 62-69
Surgical treatment of a patient with Parkes-Weber-rubashov syndrome (case report)R 70-74
Successful treatment of coronary artery perforation with hand-made stent-graft (case report) 75-80
The first experience of radial artery approach for selective chemoembolization of pancreatic cancer 81-85
To anniversary: to 95-th anniversary of Leonid Davidovich Lindenbraten. 86-87
To 60-th anniversary of Vadim Aleksandrovich Sharifullin 88 (АНГИОЛОГИЯ.ру) - портал о диагностике и лечении заболеваний сосудистой системы